BOOK A MEETING World book day 2020 in Rayleigh.

BOOK A MEETING World book day 2020 in Rayleigh.

It’s World Book Day later this week and This fantastic project aims to get more children reading for fun.

And we’re fully supporting its efforts in Rayleigh.

Its mission this year is to get kids and adults reading a million stories across the UK on Thursday 5 March. The charity behind the day encourages parents, carers and family members to read for fun (homework doesn’t count) with their children for just ten minutes every day.

Why is it important? Well,

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. “Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success, more than their family circumstances, parents’ educational background or their income.”

We’re privileged that as estate agents in Rayleigh we get to listen to people’s stories.

Because behind every home sold and bought is a personal story.

It could be the newlywed young couple excitedly stepping onto the property ladder or the family which has grown and now needs extra space to fit in a bigger dining table, the pets, the kids’ toys and (hopefully) books.

Or recently retired people looking to downsize and fund a bucket list ticking trip around the world now that the ‘children’ have grown up and flown the nest.

We come across so many different people with fascinating, moving and uplifting stories. It’s what makes us love our jobs.

So, what we have decided to do to help the cause is, we have purchased a huge bundle of books aimed for 7-10-year olds. Now, I did think about donating them to one primary school in Rayleigh, but I realise there are quite a few in the town. And by donating them to one school restricts the reach slightly…

SO, we have decided to donate them at random to kids in Rayleigh. SO, if you have a child who goes to a school in town, aged approx. 7-10 years old, drop us a message through the page OR drop us an email at and we will enter your child’s name into a draw with the first 50 people being picked to receive a book from us!

Now, its all well and good us doing this for one day a year, but I feel reading and learning is important all year round. So, we are running this as a one off BUT, We are going to run a ‘book donation scheme’ whereby if you have a stack of books at home that the kids or grandkids have got tired of, or grown too old for, drop them into the office on Lubards farm, and we will make sure they are donated to a local school so we can keep a flow of books for the younger generation to read!

To find out more about World Book Day and how you can take part visit:

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