Looking to rent your property

The facts..

What are the benefits?

There are lots of benefits in renting through Nest, However here are some of the most important.

Same day payments

We are not the sort of agent that will hold onto payments until a ‘payment run’. If your rent hits our account on the 5th, you will be paid it on the 5th

24 hour service

We are here to take calls from your tenant 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Meaning no matter what the issue, we are always here to help.


We will conduct regular inspections to ensure the condition of your property it maintained to the very best standard, Each report will be emailed to you with photographs following each inspection.

Price freeze

With the tenant fee ban coming into force mid 2019, agents are trying to find the lost income from other revenues, often passing the loss onto the landlord, So we are freezing prices until Jan 2021.

We understand

We understandas that as a landlords your investment is key. This is why we have created two easy to understand packages. You’ll always know exactly what you will be paying AND be able to plan your financial future with your investment.
We ensure there is a one all inclusive fee, meaning no surprising extra costs will pop up.
You will be given a single point of contact who will deal with your property, ensuring that they build a rapport with your tenant.

We offer  full 100% income protection

Being a landlord, there is always a risk of the worst case scenario, Should this happen the cost could run into the high thousands, We offer a complete solution which means you can sleep easy knowing that whatever the situation, you are covered.

100% guaranteed

Regardless of whether the tenant pays or not, the landlord will still recieve the rent, on time, everything month.


Up to £50,000 worth of cover for rent arrears and legal expenses following non payment of rent and will cover up to £5,000pcm.

Paid up to vacant posession

Pays up to Vacant Possession, even if the tenancy agreement has ended, as long as the warranty remains in place.

The entire process handled

There is no involvement from the landlord required for eviction, all proceedings are handled on the landlords behalf.

What plan suits you ?

Every Landlord is different, and as such each require a different level of service. We offer a let only package, along with 3 different types of management.







per month (inc VAT)



per month (inc VAT)



per month (inc VAT)