Local Spotlight – Acquire Mortgages, Rayleigh.

Local Spotlight – Acquire Mortgages, Rayleigh.

In this ‘local spotlight’ Nick Spoke with Martin, From acquire mortgages based in Rayleigh, to speak about his business and why he chose Rayleigh.

Nick: HI Martin, Can you give me a little introduction to your business? 

Martin: We are a whole of market Independent Mortgage Brokers and have now been established for just over 2 years. I personally have 9 year of experience in the industry and have been able to help a large amount of Client achieve their goals whether it be purchasing a new home or simply re-mortgaging to achieve a better rate. this is due to the diversity of lenders we have access to helping us to be able to support a diverse customer base. This would be either to simply get the best rate available to complex incomes or historic adverse issue to name a few.

Nick: What made you start your business? i.e what is your story. 

Martin: The initial motivation to start business was that I had expectations of what people needed in the way of service and support especially when it comes to purchasing a property. I felt that some companies I have come across want straight forward customers who don’t take too much of their time up, oh and by the way we are charging you a fee for this. So I have tried to develop a business which will support people through the buying process and to operate a ‘no stone is unturned’ philosophy. I have also come across companies where they charge the client a fee and again if things get to complicated, they either do not have the experience or time to find a solution.

Nick: What are your plans for 2020? i.e what plans do you have for your business over the next 12 months? i.e to get new customers, a new premises, rebrand etc.

So far we have just expanded into a new premises and plan to increase our work force in 2020. With regards to customers we have not really focused on marketing or advertised ourselves so this is something I am looking to do in the near future.

Nick: What part has the local community played in your business? 

Martin: We have had a good level of support from the community by way of people using our services and recommending their friends and family. We have also helped sponsor local schools (Glebe Primary School) which has allowed us to give something back to the community.

Nick: what is it you love about Rayleigh? and why should people considering living, working or investing in the town?

Martin: I personally love Rayleigh, the town has a lot of character and hasn’t lost the quaint feel to it. It has also managed to maintain a large amount of shops and restaurants and it’s good to see that Rayleigh has a street market again. Also I like the fact that Rayleigh has excellent schools which is good for younger families.

For me the quick access to the A127 and the Train line is great plus from a personal and business point of view. Any potential businesses or anyone want to work in the area would benefit from this.

Overall I feel Rayleigh is a great location and excellent place to live and work.

So there you have it, thats Martin from Acquire mortgages, you can find them at Philpot house in Rayleigh (just opposite the train station). having personally met a ton of mortgage brokers over my time, i felt Martins attitude and approach refreshing (and its nice to know he doesn’t charge clients, (as some are chasing £295+) to get in touch with Martin drop us a message to info@nestinessex.co.uk to get more info!

Alternatively, if you would like to be part of our social spotlight just drop us an email to info@nestinessex.co.uk.

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