Local Spotlight – Fitness Buzz, Rayleigh

Local Spotlight – Fitness Buzz, Rayleigh

In this ‘Local Spotlight’ Nick chatted with Saskia from Fitness Buzz to find out a bit about her business, and why she feels Rayleigh is a great place to live, work and invest.

Nick: Hi Saskia, Can you tell us a bit about your business?
Saskia: Hello my name is saskia and I run a company called Fitnessbuzz based at the Grove school, grove road. I have been running theses classes at the grove school for just over 9 years and it’s a great way to keep in shape, meet new people and get away from the kids lol. Exercise isn’t just about keeping fit it’s also about the Endorphin Release that clears your mind and helps everyday Functions. 

Nick: What made you start your business?
Saskia: I started my business after my first child and I’ve always wanted to grow my own business and be my own boss as I’m very Enthusiastic.

Nick: Great, so what is your BIG goal for your business?
Saskia: my big goal is to have my own Premises and have people working for me. I just want to grow my business in Rayleigh and get everyone active.

Nick: What do you love Rayleigh?
Saskia: Rayleigh is just a great place to live, work and play. Lovely people and a great town.

Nick: Great, when do your classes run? for those interested in joining?
Saskia: My classes run from Monday to Thursday with a great range of classes from yoga to HIIT, with all ages and Abilities welcome. I also run a sports Massage company and work as a personal trainer. 

So there you have it, another business owner who has chosen to live, work and invest in Rayleigh! – if you would like further information about Fitness Buzz, or to speak to Saskia, drop us an email to info@nestinessex.co.uk and we can put you in touch!

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