Local Spotlight – VDub Tavern, Rayleigh

Local Spotlight – VDub Tavern, Rayleigh

In this ‘local spotlight’ Nick spoke to Keith, from VDub Tavern.

Nick – Hi Keith, could you tell me a little bit about your business please?

Keith: I own the vdubtavern a fully licensed mobile bar A vintage 1978 Vw camper van converted to a mobile bar perfect for weddings, birthdays or other events.

Nick – Great, and what made you start your business?
Keith: I started the vdub because my passion has always been Vw camper vans and I wanted something bespoke which became the vdubtavern 

Nick – What are your plans for 2020?
Keith: My plans are to go from strength to strength, Ive got over 20 bookings already that include weddings and parties along with festivals and still looking for more bookings 

Nick – Why do you think Rayleigh is a great place to live, work and invest?
Keith – Having moved to Rayleigh 4 years ago and done a few local fairs through word of mouth and recommendation, The vdub has been noticed and I think by going local it has helped 
I think, Rayleigh is an up and coming town which caters for all ages. The people are great and are always helpful and resourceful and we come together as one when called upon, just look at the response from the donations for laughing man John funeral.

So there you have it, another reason why Rayleigh is a great plan to live and work, and in Keith’s business (invest too!) if you would like further information about Keith and Vdub Tavern, drop us a message at info@nestinessex.co.uk and we can provide further info!

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