Seller’s Guide

where do you start? … there are so many do’s and do not’s around its hard sometimes to know where to start. We have decided to try and answer some of these questions for you. 

Finding the Right Agent.

Once you have decided to sell your property, the first thing you will need is an agent. There are some things to consider though, as this is a huge decision, and no one which should be made quickly. 
– Remember, the ‘cheapest’ agent is not the agent with the lowest fee, it’s the agent who allows you to move on with the most money in your pocket and put you in the best position. try to look past the fee and instead look at other factors. 
– There are different models, you have online D.I.Y type agents, you have traditional high street agents or you have hybrid bespoke agencies like us. 
– Make sure they have a plan, a polished pitch is pointless if there is no plan to back it up, be sure the agent you pick has got a plan A, B and C. 
– Don’t sign into long contracts, agents locally typically try anything from 4 weeks right up to 26 week contract periods. 52% of properties on Rightmove sell, with the 2nd agent they try. you will be stuck with that agent for whatever term you accept, it is down to you what to accept. agent’s can, and will do 0 weeks if you push for it. 

Hopefully that will help you find the right agent, we have a guide for 16 questions to ask an estate agent, if you would like a copy just drop us a email to or call 01268 500988. 

Presentation and Pictures.

It is important that your home looks at its very best for photos. so spend some time de-cluttering, clearing away as much as possible, jet wash the drive, de-weed the patio and generally make your home look at welcoming and inviting as possible. I promise it will show in the pictures (and video).

Answering Common Buyer Questions

Your agent should ask you a number of questions that a potential buyer is likely to ask, things like 
– how old is the boiler
– when was it last serviced?
– when were the windows installed?
– when was the electrics last checked?
– School Catchements
– Reason for moving?
– what way does the garden face?
– walk time to the local station. 

There are more, but these are the type of questions a buyer is likely to ask, so making sure you, and your agent are armed with the questions ensure maximum opportunity to answer everything. 

what things should i consider asking an estate agent?

We do have a guide, ’16 questions to ask an estate agent’ mostly made up of questions rarely asked, but vital. 

here are a few of them. 
– in percentages, how much are you achieving on average when compared to the original asking prices?
– what is the average time properties are on the market with you?
– do you offer a 0 week contract with 1 day notice period?
– is it ‘no sale no fee’? if not, what can i expect to pay if it doesn’t sell?
– Where do you market properties?
– Do you use social media and other forms of marketing?
– Do you offer open houses?
– Do you do the viewings?

The list can go on, but there are a few to get you started. 

what does a typical marketing strategy look like?

It really does vary agency to agency, some agents do not have one. some do. 
Overall, its a calendar which usually covers 28 days at a time, which details what the agent will be doing and when, i.e day 1, we will do this, day 2 we will do that and so on. 

If you would like to have a no pressure, no obligation conversation about selling a property, please give us a call on 01268 500988.